More about Monica Janssens

Monica Janssens is an author, tutor and historian who has enjoyed a diverse career path including the law, banking, the theatre, art, journalism, public relations and writing.

After graduating in English Literature at the University of Hull, and doing a Law conversion course at the College of Law, Monica began working as a solicitor. She then set out on a multi-diverse career-mix of investment banking, public relations, writing and art. Monica currently runs a highly successful business providing private tuition in History, English and Politics, which she pursues while researching and writing her books.

Monica has written a number of articles for print and digital media. In May 2010, she contributed to an article for the Sunday Times entitled ‘Dream On’. This was a piece about beds and was shot at Osterley House. In July 2008, Monica wrote an article for Eve magazine entitled ‘What Really Happens in Rehab’, a piece about mental illness. She has written further articles on this subject including for the Vulpes Libris blog ‘Has the Misery Memoir Reached the End of the Road’, in June 2008, and, in May 2008, ‘The Literature of Depression’ for The Reader blog.

Monica’s work in the theatre has included staging a large number of plays from Shakespeare to Coward; she has adapted existing texts including PG Wodehouse’s, What Ho! Jeeves  (Feb 2011) and Terence Rattigan’s French Without Tears (2016)

In the course of her career, Monica has given a number of talks, demonstrations and television appearances on Granada TV and Discovery TV. Radio appearances include Today and MidWeek on BBC Radio 4. These have often been in conjunction with her experience working in public relations.

Monica lives on the site of a medieval nunnery in Winchelsea in East Sussex, the smallest town in England, which is steeped in history and provides her with oodles of inspiration for her writing.