Marriage – Single or Double Beds?

Politics doesn’t make strange bedfellows, matrimony does,’ Groucho Marx.

Though – even ‘with kids screaming’ or on the eve of a grand slam final – Roger Federer makes it a rule to sleep in the marital bed*, in 2018 a YouGov poll found that as many as 15 per cent of Britons would – if they had the choice – opt to sleep in a different bed to their spouse.

The reasons for this included snoring, restlessness and a partner’s insistence on having a threesome with their phone or tablet. Sleep disturbance from your nearest (and not so dearest) has even been cited in divorce proceedings as a cause of one party’s ‘unreasonable behaviour.’ Though not halitosis, a divorce ground recognised by the Vikings.

Those who have opted for separate beds from their partners – such as Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray** – are probably blissfully unaware they’re emulating the ancient custom of kings and toffs who considered it uncivilised to share a bed.

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Behind Closed Doors

Samuel Pepys through the keyhole

Though it may only be a two-up, two-down semi, mortgaged to the hilt, you probably like to think of your home as your castle. Armed with a battery of locks, keys and alarms, you’re determined to defend your fortress from external attack and safeguard your family’s seclusion and secrecy.

Now considered a basic human right and a ubiquitous part of our lives, you and I take our personal privacy for granted, oblivious to the fact that for much of history it did not exist. Even the concept of personal privacy – as we understand it today – was virtually unknown.

It is this fascinating sphere which I’ll be unlocking within the confines of this blog. The edgy, covert, sometimes unsavoury, world that exists behind closed doors. Join me in probing this peephole into personal privacy through the ages. You will be shocked by the startling contrast between the freedoms most of us now enjoy inside our homes and their blatant absence in the past.

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